The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test/Scholastic Assessment Test) Reasoning Test examines both the students’ English and Maths skills. English is tested in the verbal sections which includes critical reading and writing tasks. The Writing portion of the SAT includes an Essay component, which is scored on a scale from 2 to 12. Each of the three sections is scored on a range from 200 to 800 points, for a total possible combined score of 2400 points. It is a standardized exam that is required for college admissions at the majority of colleges and universities in English speaking countries.

The SAT is a 3 hours and 45 minutes test. Only three hours and twenty minutes of the test count toward your score-- the experimental section is not scored. There are ten sections in the test.


Type of Questions


Reading (3 sections)

19  Sentence Completions



48  Reading Comprehension



67  Total Questions

70 minutes

Writing (3 sections)

49 Grammar



1 Essay



49 Total Questions + Essay

60 minutes

Math (3 sections)

44 Multiple-choice



10 Grid-ins



54 Total Questions

70 minutes


Reading, Writing, or Maths

25 minutes


3:45 minutes

NOTE: The order of the format is not fixed: the sections can occur in any order

SAT Preparation at AEC


  1. 5 weeks of classes
  2. An hour of instruction daily from Monday to Friday. (Both English & Math each )
  3. Saturday is a holiday
  4. Sunday is for full length testing.

Scholarships Available:

  1. There’s a scholarship for everyone at AEC. Ask the friendly counselor on duty what YOUR scholarship is worth. 

FREE Materials:

  1. You get a FREE book (Barrons) and CD .

Teaching Tools:

  1. LCD Projector, Lab, and Conventional.
  2. Most lessons are taught conventionally because SAT is a paper based test.


  • Air Conditioned comfort.
  • Dozens of tests in books for your practice.
  • Borrowing facility also available for students who have a premier membership in the library.