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We would like to introduce our organization-American Education Consultancy and the services that we have been providing for the overall benefit of the students of Nepal who really have the zeal and affordability to have modern higher education at the renowned colleges and universities across the globe. It was not long ago that the students of Nepal were not quite commonly aware of where to get higher education of appropriate kind, and modern higher educational subjects are still not available at...Read More
Our Teachers A.E.C‘s teachers are masters of the content of the tests and our techniques - plus, they are experts at teaching them to students. Our teachers give you crucial feedback and advice that could be the clinching factor in getting you that dream score! The quality and skill of our teachers sets us apart from all other test prep companies. Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds including from prestigious Institutions from Nepal and India. Whatever their background, they are p...Read More
The main aim of AEC is to provide the best support to the students who are willing to reach their dreams and goals. Our mission is to provide right career path to those students who are in dilemma. We aimed to provide support, care and love to every students whether they belong to different backgrounds and nationalities. We are providing our best consulting, English course classes which is based on our originality AEC management approach. We are providing our best consulting, English cours...Read More

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